ASGS Midwest Section

Midwest Section

Upcoming Meeting Our next meeting will be April 13th at the UW Milwaukee Chemistry Dept Glass Shop.

Our host is Neal Korfage
head of the UW Milwaukee Chemistry and Biochemistry Glass Shop

Neal’s shop is located in the basement of Chemistry on the fashionable east side of Milwaukee.
Chemistry is located at 3210 N Cramer St, Milwaukee, WI 53211

$2 parking is available in the lot on the corner of Hartford and Cramer (Enter on Cramer)


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Millipore Sigma  

The meeting will start at 9AM with coffee and light refreshments ending around 4PM.

Our keynote speaker is Joseph Gregar with a slide show retrospective of the Germany/Switzerland glass tour last fall.

The business meeting will take place during lunch. If you have an item you would like added to the agenda please email the Chair
After lunch we will continue with the raffle and additional demos.
When the formal meeting ends we will reconvene at the UW Student Union Gast Haus for food, drinks and conversation with fellow glassblowers.
Please make a day of it and join in the casual conversation at the Gast Haus. 


Live Demos so far are:
Kovar tubing to glass seals on the lathe – – David Fox
Make and use your own simple muffle furnace to prep Kovar for glass to metal seals – – Erich Moraine
How to make flexible bellows – – Bill Wasmiller
Make strong and stable vacuum tip-offs – – Tom Galbraith
Low temperature glass to glass and glass to metal hermetic sealing – – Jack Gordon
Soda lime electrical feed throughs – – Jack Gordon
A breakage protection polymer coating for glassware – – Jack Gordon
A multi-use fixture for accurate repeatable results – – Tracy Drier
Break Seals, what are they? How to make one – – Corina Guerra
Large diameter U-bends. Make an aortic arch – – Steve Anderson

We will have another equipment and supplies raffle. Bring your unwanted equipment or surplus materials to donate to the raffle. Tickets are $1 or six for $5 with all proceeds going to the section. In the past people have donated pluro stoppers, graded sealing glass, boro color, hand torches, bench burners, warm-up fires, didymium glasses, graphite, oven controllers, high temp gloves, cool antique equipment.  Bring your “left-overs” take home newly found “treasures”.

At long last we are rolling out an online registration process for meeting attendance. Use the link below to register for the meeting (free) and sign up for morning coffee/snacks plus lunch. Sadly we’ve had to raise the cost of food to $15 for everyone. With our treasurer’s help we discovered the food cost us more than we’d expected. This price increase to $15 for everyone allows us to break even on food. 

Please register for the meeting. Space is limited. It’s very helpful to know how many people to plan for. Food ticket purchase closes on April 10th.  Online payment is easy with your credit card. You don’t need a PayPal account to use your credit card to pay through PayPal. 

Register using this link.



It’s time to renew your annual membership in the section.  We depend on your membership to keep our doors open.

Membership has it’s benefits.  

As a section member you are part of the midwest email discussion list. This is the best way to connect with fellow section members, and stay informed about upcoming  meetings or events. Looking for a ride to the meeting? What motel is everyone staying at? Where will we hang out afterwards? Post your questions to the discussion group. Need help finding a source for $24/25 male drip tip joint? Do you have too much 1″ heavy wall or a lathe for sale, post to the group. It’s a great way to stay connected to the local scientific community.  

Videos of the demos presented at section meetings will be available for viewing online soon. Have you wondered about how to do a 2″ pipe flange tee seal to your project using a no blow technique? How do you wind great looking boro coils? How would you make a beaker inside a beaker? These are some of the videos which will be available very soon. Stay tuned for more.

Membership renewal is easy and quick with your credit card through PayPal. Please note this membership is only for the Midwest Section of the ASGS. To apply for membership to the National ASGS please download an application form here.
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The Midwest Section includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. This very active Section has 50+ members and meets twice per year, one meeting in the Spring and one Fall. The meetings are a great way to collaborate with local colleagues and learn new techniques and procedures. Join us at a Section meeting to meet your glass neighbors.


Past Meeting Locations:
U. of Illinois Champagne-Urbana Chem Dept Glass Shop Urbana Il Andy Gibbs–Oct 27th 2018
Mayo Clinic Glass Shop Rochester MN Steve Anderson — April 28th 2018
Millipore (formerly Aldrich Chemical) Milwaukee WI Michael D’Aquisto II– Oct 14 2017
University of Notre Dame Radiation Lab Glass Shop Kiva Ford– April 29, 2017
University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Dept Tracy Drier — Sept 24 2016
Western Michigan Glass Alliance Kalamazoo, MI Frank Meintz April 9, 2016
Argonne National Laboratory Joe Gregar — October 10, 2015
University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Neal Korfage –April 18, 2015
Wild Rose Glass Erich Moraine — October 18, 2014
University of Iowa Benjamin Revis — April 12, 2014
University of Wisconsin Madison Chemistry Dept Glass Shop Tracy Drier– Oct 19, 2013
Western Michigan Glass Society Frank Meintz — Apr 13,2013
University of Notre Dame Radiation Lab Glass shop Patrick Bennet –Oct 12, 2012