ASGS Midwest Section

Midwest Section

Upcoming Meeting Our next meeting will be at Purdue University Chemistry Dept Glass Shop.         

                                                   Our host is Jordan Smith

                                                             head of the Purdue Chemistry Dept Glass Shop

Jordan’s shop is located in the 
Weatherill Chemistry Building
560 Oval Drive West Lafayette, IN 47907


The day will start at 9AM with coffee and bagels. A lunch will be provided. Depending on the number of demos and questions we plan to conclude around 4PM and reconvene for an after meeting party hosted by Jordan and his wife at their house.


The demonstrations currently scheduled are:

Jordan Smith: (Purdue) Resizing tubing on the lathe by hand
Scott Bancroff:  Magnesia interface probes for Electro Biochemistry
Tracy Drier: Redrawing larger diameter tubing into rectangular tubing on the lathe
Erich Moraine: Redrawing smaller diameter tubing into heavy wall oval tubing at the bench
Tracy Drier: Building an “H” style electro-chemistry cell with sealed in frit
Jack Roy: Cutting tubing cleanly… Firecuts with tweezers and hand torch on the lathe, also the Hideaki cutter

There is room for more demos. If you’d like to attend and are interested in doing a scientific technique demonstration, please contact the meeting organizer. We need to get you fitted into the schedule.

The hands on open flame workshop has been postponed to a future meeting date.

All attendees need to register for the meeting in advance. Your $15 gives you a noon meal as well as coffee and bagels in the morning. Sadly walk-ins on the day of the meeting will be turned away. Please contact the meeting organizer if you prefer not to eat anything that day and wish to have the $15 fee waived.  


Registration is closed for this meeting. Stay tuned for news about the Spring 2020 meeting.



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Videos of the demos presented at section meetings will be available for viewing online soon. Have you wondered about how to do a 2″ pipe flange tee seal to your project using a no blow technique? How do you wind great looking boro coils? How would you make a beaker inside a beaker? These are some of the videos which will be available very soon. Stay tuned for more.

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The Midwest Section includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas. This very active Section has 50+ members and meets twice per year, one meeting in the Spring and one Fall. The meetings are a great way to collaborate with local colleagues and learn new techniques and procedures. Join us at a Section meeting to meet your glass neighbors.


Past Meeting Locations:

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Chemistry Dept Glass Shop Neal Korfage April 13 2019
U. of Illinois Champagne-Urbana Chem Dept Glass Shop Urbana Il Andy Gibbs–Oct 27th 2018
Mayo Clinic Glass Shop Rochester MN Steve Anderson — April 28th 2018
Millipore (formerly Aldrich Chemical) Milwaukee WI Michael D’Aquisto II– Oct 14 2017
University of Notre Dame Radiation Lab Glass Shop Kiva Ford– April 29, 2017
University of Wisconsin-Madison Art Dept Tracy Drier — Sept 24 2016
Western Michigan Glass Alliance Kalamazoo, MI Frank Meintz April 9, 2016
Argonne National Laboratory Joe Gregar — October 10, 2015
University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Neal Korfage –April 18, 2015
Wild Rose Glass Erich Moraine — October 18, 2014
University of Iowa Benjamin Revis — April 12, 2014
University of Wisconsin Madison Chemistry Dept Glass Shop Tracy Drier– Oct 19, 2013
Western Michigan Glass Society Frank Meintz — Apr 13,2013
University of Notre Dame Radiation Lab Glass shop Patrick Bennet –Oct 12, 2012