Midwest Section Video Library

All videos are Copyrighted by the Midwest Section of the ASGS with all rights reserved. You are welcome to view them but if you intend to publish them or make use of them in any way other than for personal viewing, you must contact the Section Chair prior to use for authorization. 

These videos are stored on the Midwest Section YouTube page.   You are welcome to look through the descriptions below or go directly to YouTube.


Kansas State University Campus: James Hodgson
Kansas State University Glass Shop: James Hodgson
Yale University Campus: Darryl Smith
Yale University Glass Shop: Darryl Smith


Bench/hand work

Convert a 90 degree 1 arm stopcock to 45 degree inline using tooling rollers: James Hodgson 
Coil Winding without a machine: Kyle Meyer
Hammer Welding Platinum as an alternative to spot welding when making electrodes: Tracy Drier
Brief tour of the Kansas State Glass Shop workbench – – James Hodgson


Lathe work

Precision resize the outside diameter of tubing on the lathe: Benjamin Revis
Flawless Star Crack repair in small flasks: Tracy Drier and Kyle Meyer
Seal Sapphire tubing to N51 borosilicate tubing without intermediate sealing glasses: Patrick DeFlorio



Chucks, torches, fixtures for the lathe: James Hodgson
Make a Fire-shield hand protector to protect your hand from radiant heat when doing hot hand torch work: Tracy Drier
Wet Working Area of the Kansas State Glass Shop: James Hodgson